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Functionality and comfort combined in one body. The materials used for the production of the Comfort have been chosen carefully to result in making passenger’s journey to be pleasant, while the cargo space fully usable.

Why Carpol?

  1. Technology
  2. Design
  3. Exploitation
  4. Safety
  5. Wide range of additional options

Carpol produces its bodies using thermoforming process. We tailor individual elements to specific models, making the vehicles as functional as possible.

We design our bodies to look good after installation in the factory vehicle. By using ABS, a material commonly used in the automotive industry, we create professionally converted vehicles.

All elements we manufacture are produced in a fully repeatable process. Our conversions are modular, which means that we can always provide a replacement part if needed. Additionally ABS elements are easy to keep clean.

Carpol’s solutions are always tested and safe. This is evidenced in the homologations that we received for all our conversions. We will provide you with all necessary documentation required for the vehicle registration.

We are responsible for the full conversion manufacturing process, from the design and creation of the molds, to thermoforming. We are flexible and responsive to the needs of all our customers.


Technical specification

Additional information about dimensions and available chiller options. Visit or configurator to check all details.

Opel Movano

  lenght & height
L2H2 L3H2 L4H2 RWD
A length of the cargo compartment measured on the floor
(including additional space under the seats)
2 420 3 070 3 790
B length of the cargo compartment measured on the floor 2 100 2 750 3 430
C length of the cargo compartment (upper space) 1 830 2 420 2 780
D length from headrest to front seats 960 960 960
E length from floor to seat cushions 430 430 430
F length from the end of seat cushion to the front seats 440
G seats depth 420 420
H length between seat cushions and the door posts 370 370


  Additional space under the seats L2H2 L3H2 L4H2
I width 1 150 1 150 1 150
J height 250 250 250


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