A universal conversion for any type of transport services


Large volume of the container allows to transport a variaty of items, such as pallets or furniture. The insulated version is often chosen for the transport of food items within the catering and delivery services.

 Why Carpol?

  1. All-aluminum construction
  2. Light and durable walls
  3. Load securing
  4. Glued joints
  5. Homologated solutions
  6. Construction flexibility

Our conversion is built entirely on an aluminum structure. This also applies to the offset frame, rear door portals, and the optional side door.

The walls of our container are manufactured using only materials from renowned European producers. Our wall production line guarantees low weight, mechanical strength and production repeatability.

Our standard load securing system is trouble-free and easy to use. It consists of eight load securing lugs that are recessed into the floor. When unused, they may be hidden in the floor, so one can easily move the goods within the container.

The structure of the container is connected using glue joints, which results in a strong, secure structure of the conversion and the absence of protruding rivets or screw joints on the surface of the container.

We offer only tested and safe products. Each conversion will receive a full vehicle approval.

With the use of aluminum systems and panel walls we made it possible to adjust the structure and functionality of each conversion individually based on customer’s needs.


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