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Crew cab bodies will do great in companies operating in the construction and repairs industries. They guarantee comfortable and safe travel conditions for employees and play an important role in company's costs optimization.

The main advantage of the EKO conversion is the possibility of rearranging its luggage partition, thus increasing the functionality of either cargo or passenger space. EKO+ body with a fixed partition provides additional acoustic and thermal advantages, and protects against potential theft of goods from the passenger side.


 Why Carpol?

  1. Thought-out spending
  2. High standard
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Cargo space protection
  5. Safe solutions

We have over 25 years of experience in the vehicle conversions industry and learned our lesson on most functional and professional conversions. Our basic offer includes exactly what you need for your company personnel. You won’t pay for any misguided solutions, and thanks to the highest quality and durability of our products, you will save money on operating and servicing the vehicle.

We not only care about the functionality of our bodies, but also put emphasis on the aesthetics. Our seats will be covered with factory upholstery, while the side walls and headlining will be finished with thermoformed ABS plastic. Additionally, we offer Carpol’s tinted glass windows.

We are a company that offers ABS plastic wall finishing as standard. The material is easy to clean and does not absorb any odours. Side walls are also equipped with additional compartments and pockets.

We secured the floor with plywood that was cut from one sheet, as such we minimized the possibility of floor damage when moving the load. Also nothing will get between the floor of our conversion and the vehicle’s original body. Mudguards are covered with ABS protecting the vehicle against sudden damage.

Carpol stosuje wyłącznie rozwiązania zgodne z wytycznymi producenta, na które posiada homologacje – jesteśmy autoryzowanym partnerem Opla.


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