A complete solution for quick transport


The combination of functional cargo transport and a comfortable sleeping area enables you to be in full readiness for city and long-distance driving. The quality of the materials used and careful assembly guarantee their reliability and long service life.

 Why Carpol?

  1. Convenience
  2. Aluminum construction
  3. Access to spare parts
  4. Easy cargo loading
  5. Height adjustment

The height-adjustable front tarpaulin fastening system is a convenient solution that facilitates driver's work with frequent changes in the height of the frame. The aluminum central post is 7.5 kg lighter than steel solutions commonly available on the market, and thanks to its weight it is ease to disassemble, even for less experienced users.

The construction of our platform body is made of aluminum profiles. Material that we use is anodized and non-corrosive, and is the lightest yet most durable solution on the market. The strength of the body is also supported by galvanized steel couplings that we use in all critical places.

We offer permanent access to spare parts through our online store This reduces your downtime in the event of damage to the converted vehicle. Due to the use of our machinery park, including CNC center, we guarantee full production repeatability, while the spare parts ordered will always fit.

The perimeter profile of the floor allows the installation of load securing handles at its very edge, so that they won’t get covered by the loaded goods. In addition, the profile has a recess enabling to hide the load securing handles when they are not used. This provides a great advantage for side loading, as the floor is completely flat. Additional handles (with a capacity of up to one ton) can also be added by the client at a later stage - installation is fast and simple, as Carpol profile is already prepared for it.

We offer a simple and reliable roof lifting system that you can use without any additional tools. It’s really easy:


Platform body

It is our lightest body made of aluminum. Its openable and split sides ensure quick and easy access to the cargo space.

Box body

The tarpaulin protects the goods against the harmful effects of external factors. We choose each element of the body to make it as functional, durable, and light as possible. The standard weight of the tarpaulin is 680 g / m2 and 900 g / m2 in the case of curtain installation. 


On local roads, in the city or across Europe - the upper sleeping cabin will be the perfect solution for those who want to get the maximum load space. 

Carpol XL

Upper sleeping cabin

Carpol’s XL cabin is a product for those who want to get the maximum load space, while keeping modern design of the vehicle.

Visit our configurator to check the load capacity of your vehicle and see how many pallets you can fit into it.


The rear cabin mounted behind the driver's cabin creates a streamlined shape that reduces fuel consumption and increases the comfort of the driver's during breaks.


Rear sleeping cabin

The Backsleeper mounted behind the driver's cabin provides lowered fuel consumption and increases the comfort of the driver.

Visit our configurator to check the load capacity of your vehicle and see how many pallets you can fit into it.

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